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                  • Primary harmonic eliminator
                  • Multifunctional power meter
                  • CT secondary overvoltage protector, TBP overvoltage protector
                  • Switch cabinet intelligent control device, switch state indicator, power transmitter, wireless temperature measuring device, intelligent dehumidification device
                  • Intelligent dehumidifier
                  • SENECA Transducers
                  • Discharge counter, arrester on-line monitor
                  • Zinc oxide arrester, 10KV zinc oxide arrester, 35KV zinc oxide arrester, zinc oxide arrester with cable
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                  Name: Mr. Zhang
                  Tel: +86-577-27879260
                  Fax: +86-577-27879560
                  Mobile: +86-13216019559
                  E-mail: cndrele@126.com
                  Add: Qiligang Yueqing City, Zhejiang Industrial Zone

                  About Us

                  Yueqing Dengrui Electric Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, sales and service of electrical equipment and high and low voltage complete cabinet components. The company is located in Liu City, Yueqing, "China's Electric Capital", close to the 104 National Highway. Water, land and air transportation is extremely convenient. It is the location of Wenzhou Railway Freight Station, 50 kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport and close to Qili Port.

                      After more than ten years of development, the company has closely followed the pace of the market and gradually completed the transformation from traditional electrical products to smart electrical products. The product models are further complete and the development direction is closer to the market orientation. The company’s existing product specifications are complete and cover a wide range. The company’s main lightning arrester discharge counter (JS-8, JSY-8), arrester online monitor, arrester monitor (JCQ-10/800), primary harmonic elimination, and microcomputer resonance elimination Devices, digital display electrical measuring instruments, digital display programmable smart meters, multi-function power meters, network power meters, TBP overvoltage protector, CT secondary open circuit protector, intelligent dehumidification device, switch cabinet intelligent control device, switch status indicator A series of complete sets of cabinet supporting products and power station automation equipment supporting products such as meters, power transmitters, etc., and retain traditional products such as zinc oxide arresters, high-voltage current-limiting fuses, discharge coils[more...]

                  Hot Product
                  LXQ-6,LXQ Ⅲ - 10 primary harmonic eliminator(all copper)
                  DRXX-II microcomputer harmonic elimination device
                  Multi function network power meter
                  Three phase harmonic multi rate multi function meter
                  Intelligent control device with temperature measurement
                  Single phase current transmitter voltage transmitter
                  Stainless steel intelligent dehumidifier
                  DRJCQ arrester online monitor
                  Digital display intelligent ammeter liquid crystal intelligent voltmeter
                  Three phase multi function power meter
                  Digital three phase voltmeter
                  Single phase digital voltmeter
                  Three phase AC digital ammeter
                  Single phase AC digital ammeter
                  LCD intelligent control device
                  Digital intelligent control device
                  Switch state indicator
                  Three phase current transmitter voltage transmitter
                  Power factor transmitter
                  Intelligent dehumidifier with plastic shell
                  Wireless temperature measuring device
                  JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter
                  JCQ-C arrester line monitor
                  JS-III Used movement counter over-voltage protection
                  JS-8S double pointer discharge counter
                  JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counter
                  HY1.5W-0.28/1.3, HY1.5W-0.5/2.6 low voltage arrester
                  HY5WS-17/50DL-TB drop-arrester